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"In our “western” society, women are not simply encouraged to study and work, but they are looked down upon if they don’t obtain an education or partake in a job because without these traits, they have no value. They need these qualities to prove their worth in society. Islam has a very different view on women; women are liberated regardless of status of education and work and what is encouraged is their comfort - be that comfort in obtaining a university education or choosing a family life over school, working a useless nine-to-five job or a full-time 24hr/day 7days/week housewife job. Islam encourages women to use their abilities to the fullest - be that as a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a mechanic, or a housewife. She is considered the queen of her home in Islam, whereas this “western” society shames her into economic slavery. THAT is oppression."

— Within this Soul (via strive4allah)

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To love your woman religiously
To caress her lovingly
To cover up her slippings and faults
To pray for her in her absence
To desire not any apart from her
And to find your heaven in her alone
To praise her beauty on her face
To hum the sweetest songs to her
To hold her by the hand
And dance with her
To keep gazing deeply into her eyes
For long durations
To give her frequent surprise gifts
Even if it be as small as a rose
Or just a chocolate you buy across the street
To kiss her every day, every hour
When she wakes up
When she goes back to bed
When she prepares the sweetest dish
For you
To embrace her tightly
When she feels broken
To press her legs and arms
When she feels tired & exhausted
To admire her when she wears a new dress
And then jokingly going close to her ears you whisper:
“You will look even more beautiful when you wear none of these!” ;-)
To walk with her silently
Across the beach
To let her lay her head on your thighs
And you play with her hair
To kiss her lips so hard
That she feels a loss of breath
And to love her so fanatically
That she keeps saying:
“More, love me more”

And when you love your woman
In such thousand and one ways
Then it will be said in the heavens:
“Here is a real man - a man of heart,
Walking upon earth”

Be as such.
A man of heart
Who loves his woman so religiously
That makes her feel like a queen.
Now this is what I call is true devotion
To God
For the best way to venerate God is
By loving and honouring His creation.


Random Xpressions (via halal-love-stories)

(Source: random-expressions, via halal-love-stories)

"Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born."

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via halal-love-stories)

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